Weapons, Ammunition, UAVs, Vehicles, Jamming Systems


The modern day soldier, law enforcement and private operative require reliable weapons, ammunition and support when active in the war and conflict arena.
In addition to assault rifles, handguns, light machine guns and heavy artillery, the soldier requires support in the form of armoured vehicles, water craft, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), IED and Cell phone jamming devices and reliable communication equipment. All these items provide the soldier and operative with a distinct operational advantage.
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Given that these items are restricted by international law, all items are supplied in strict accordance with the End User’s specifications and requirements. All enquiries are dealt with in strict confidence.


Assault Rifles:

There are many options available to the End User in many different calibres. Assault rifles must be portable, effective and reliable. The following assault rifles have proven to be popular:

Kalashnikov Range: Popular assault rifle that is reliable and functional

  • AK101, AK102, AK103 and AK104
  • Calibres 5.56×45 NATO and 7.62×39
  • 30 round magazines
  • Fixed and folding stock
  • Wood and Synthetic stocks and forearms
  • Sighting range 500-1000m
  • Battle range 300-400m
  • Lightweight at 3,2kg

NATO D4MilSpec: Lighter weight rifle

  • Calibre .223 Rem
  • 30 round magazine
  • Range 600m
  • Weight 2.7kg

Vityaz-SN sub-machine gun

  • Calibre 9mm
  • Foldable stock for easy concealment
  • 30 round magazine
  • Range 200m
  • Suitable weapon for VIP protection

Light Machine Guns:

Light Machine guns offer fire support to the combat soldier given that the range of these machine guns are longer than an assault rifle. The following light machine guns are available:


  • Calibre 7.62×39 and 5.56×45
  • Sighting range 1000m
  • Weight 4.8kg


  • Calibre 7.62x54R
  • Sighting range 1000m
  • Magazine or belt fed: 100 or 250 rounds
  • Weight 10kg


  • Calibre 7.62×51 or 5.56×45
  • Sighting range 1600m
  • Magazine or belt fed: 100 or 250 rounds
  • Weight 9.6kg

Heavy Machine Guns:

Heavy machine guns are mounted either on tripods, vehicles or boats. The effective range is extreme and are essential weapons at weakening enemy positions and either stopping vehicles or slowing vehicle progress. The most common offered are:


  • Calibre 12.7x108mm
  • Sighting range 2000m
  • 50 round belt fed
  • Vehicle or tripod mounted
  • Weight 34kg


  • Calibre 12,7x108mm or 50BMG
  • Sighting range 2000m
  • 60 round belt fed
  • Vehicle or tripod mounted

KPVT 14.5mm

  • Calibre 14.5mm
  • Sighting range 4000m
  • Vehicle or armoured vehicle mounted

Sniper Rifles:

Snipers are important to any military or law enforcement campaign. Sniper rifles must be state of the art weapons, must be reliable and accurate. There are many options available:

SVD and SVDS semi-auto rifles

  • Calibre 7.62x54F
  • Sighting range 1300m
  • 10 rounds per magazine
  • Fixed or folding stock
  • Weight 4,7kg

SV98 Bolt Action rifle

  • Calibre 7.62×54
  • Sighting range 1000m
  • 10 rounds per magazine
  • Weight 6,2kg

M93 Bolt action rifle

  • Calibre 12.7×108 or 50BMG
  • Sighting range 1600m
  • 5 round magazine
  • Weight 16kg


Handguns are carried by every soldier and law enforcement person. Handguns are effective back up weapons to a soldier and to law enforcement when operating in confined spaces. There are many models of handguns, such as Glock, Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer, and Beretta. The following are examples

MP446 Viking Self Loading Pistol

  • Calibre 9mm Para
  • Sighting range 100m
  • 18 rounds per magazine
  • Weight 0,85kg

M16 Semi-Auto

  • Calibre 9mm Para
  • Sighting range 100m
  • 15 rounds per magazine
  • Weight 0,85kg

CZ9 Semi-Auto

  • Calibre 9mm Para
  • Sighting range 100m
  • 15 rounds per magazine
  • Weight 0,85kg


Shotguns are supplied on various platforms, example: Kalashnikov platform, AR platform, pump action and semi-auto options. Used by soldiers and law enforcement in breaching operations. Effective and adaptable weapon for riot control.

Shotguns are effective weapons for close range defence with maximum impact.

  • Calibre 12/76 and 12/70
  • Pump action and semi-auto options
  • Magazine options on Kalashnikov and AR platforms
  • Used in riot control can fire 12ga riot ammunition and rubber balls for non-lethal control of protestors

Grenade and rocket launchers:

Grenade launchers are supplied as stand-alone weapons with multi rapid fire system or as under barrel systems for an assault rifle with single shot system. Both options are effective against enemy positions and are an important tool for a soldier.

Grenade launchers are supplied as:

  • 30mm: Sighting range of 1700m, 29 grenades per magazine
  • MSRG40-11: Sighting range 400m, 40x46mm NATO, 6 rounds per magazine
  • MGL-1: Sighting range 375m, 40mm, 6 rounds per magazine
  • GP34: Under Barrel launcher, Sighting range 100-400m, 1 round per chamber

Rocket launchers provide long-range fire power in conflict zones and include:

  • RPG 40-64mm with a range of 200-220m
  • Mortars 60-120mm with a range of 1200-7600m


Ammunition that is reliable and well produced is the most important part of any soldier or law enforcement officer’s equipment. Ammunition can be divided into Warsaw Pact and NATO calibres.

Warsaw Pact Calibres:

  • 45x18mm
  • 62x25mm
  • 9x18mm
  • 45x39mm
  • 62x39mm
  • 62x54R
  • 7x108mm
  • 5x114mm

NATO Calibres:

  • .22lr
  • 65mm
  • .380mm
  • 9mm
  • 40S&W
  • 45ACP
  • 56x45mm
  • 62x51mm
  • 338Lapua
  • 50BMG

IED and Cell phone jamming devices

Devices are designed to jam signals from cell phones and other electronic devices that can detonate IEDs or other explosive devices.

Jamming devices can be portable in a back pack carried by a soldier or briefcase or vehicle mounted. The devices jam signals in a range of 70m. Effective guarding devices when driving in conflict zones and for the protection of VIPs, government officials, government buildings and military/police buildings.

UAV – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Surveillance is crucial to any military or law enforcement operation. UAVs offer the military and law enforcement that ability to conduct covert and overt operations remotely.

UAVs can be operated from a vehicle, building or military compound. The UAVs can be equipped with thermal night vision, recording devices and weapon systems. The UAV is able to observe targeted ground objects from altitudes of 3000m and are able to operate consistently for seven hours and longer.

Military Operational Vehicles

Safe and efficient transporting of equipment and personnel within conflict zones is important. Military patrol vehicles are manufactured to withstand direct hits from weapon fire. The vehicles are designed to carry soldiers and law enforcement safely. Each vehicle is fitted with heavy calibre weapon systems as per the End User specifications. The vehicles are supplied in different all terrain variants.

Vehicles are not restricted to land vehicles, but include watercraft and rapid response boats that are able to deliver soldiers and law enforcement to conflict zones and are used for patrol purposes to monitor and control a country’s point of entry. Boats are supplied in either inflatable configuration (semi-rigid) and solid hull configuration. Each can be equipped with different weapon systems.


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