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Day & Night Optics – Night Vision Equipment, Day Optics, Thermal Night Vision, Rifle Scopes and Laser Aiming Devices

All Day Optics (Binoculars and Spotting Scopes), Night Vision, Thermal Imaging and other devices are supplied to Mil Spec and NATO specifications. Functional optics are an essential and necessary equipment for any military person to ensure efficient operational capability and advantage.


 MLRF PRO are a combined spotting scope/laser rangefinder systems are more accurate to acquire range, inclination and azimuth data on long-distance targets. Built to MIL-STD-810G standards and are fully ruggedized to handle real-world military deployment. Compatible with an AndroidTM-based application and other peripheral devices.

Laser Rangefinders

MLRB12 MIL-SPEC include a 12,000m (NATO target) measuring range, built-in digital magnetic compass, built-in GPS receiver and a crystal clear LED display. USB and RS-232 interfaces, the LRB12 can be operated remotely, have its stored data exported, and communicate with external GPS systems and ballistic computers.

Night Vision Monocular or Binocular systems utilize Gen1, 2 and advanced Gen 3 image intensifier tubes with minimum, exportable FOM >1600; have a manual gain control system; built-in IR illuminator; auto shutoff mechanism; and are fully MIL-SPEC. Systems are auto-gated produces a black-&-white image. All models are MIL-STD-810G. Each monocular can be handheld, weapon, head or helmet-mounted.

 Night Vision Riflescopes

Options offered with 6x magnification with manual gain control adjustment; an advanced Gen 3 image intensifier tube; a MIL-DOT, LEDlit reticle with adjustable brightness; a Picatinny rail mount; removable infrared illuminator; and tactile wind-age and elevation adjustments. The rifle scope is battle-hardened and ready for deployment in combat or peacekeeping, as well as in public and private infrastructure security. Other options of night vision rifle scopes are available in Gen1, Gen2 for use in hunting and low key military or anti-poaching operations.

Tactical Thermal Monocular

Tactical Thermal Monocular is a lightweight and compact handheld, helmet or weapon-mounted device, well-suited to a variety of tactical, law enforcement, search-and-rescue and industrial applications. Utilises passive infrared sensing technology that detects extremely small differences in the temperature of objects, people and other heat sources within the field of view. Can operated 24 hours a day; in daytime and at night (even in the total darkness of an enclosed space); has the ability to see through smoke, fog and other obscurants; and boasts a variety of colour and contrast settings and digital zoom capability.

Advanced Thermal Imaging Binoculars

Advanced Thermal Imaging Binoculars used by tactical, law enforcement, border security and special force applications. The binoculars utilize a high-resolution uncooled thermal sensor to perceive differences in the thermal signature of objects within the field of view, and a large-diameter Germanium lens to extend their observation range. Binoculars can detect objects at remote distances 24 hours a day, through smoke, fog or camouflage, and do not produce any audible sounds while in operation.

Clip On Thermal Weapon Sight

Clip on thermal weapon sight designed to be used in conjunction with a magnified day optic. The thermal sight utilizes an uncooled thermal sensor that allows for the detection of camouflaged targets at long range. Equipped with a video output, the image captured by the thermal sight can be viewed in real time by friendly forces, recorded and transmitted. Multiple image polarities and colour schemes, adjustable contrast and variable digital magnification all contribute to making the thermal sight a valuable addition to any sniper’s kit.

Sniper Detection System

Sniper Detection System, the MLAS 1000 detects snipers and other forward observers before they fire a shot. This system is ideal for border and perimeter security as well as VIP protection details. The MLAS 1000 functions on optical principles and can therefore pinpoint the location of a threat before it has a chance to act. Utilizing an eye-safe laser scanner, the MLAS 1000 detects lenses and reflectors in its line of site even if these objects are covered behind bushes, windows or windshields. The detector can be handheld or mounted on a tripod and when an optical reflector of any kind is detected, its position is marked. For added situational awareness, an audio signal can also be set to automatically activate upon the detection of a threat. The MLAS 1000 now has in-built GPS to determine the precise coordinates of detected threats.

Holographic Weapon Sights

Holographic weapon sights MNC 1×21 and MHDS 3AA red dot sights were designed and built for tactical law enforcement and military applications. Both sights allow rapid, accurate target acquisition for close-quarters battle (CQB) and are built with rugged, durable single-piece frames. The compact NC 1×21 is ideal for short-range CQB engagements. It has a variety of brightness settings and is fully compatible with night vision devices. Fully compatible with night vision devices, the HDS 3AA can also be used with a 3x or 5x magnification flip-to-side add-on lens, allowing for extended viewing and engagement capability.

Tactical Day Weapon Sights and Optics

The MNC 4×32 and MNC 6×50 are weapon mounted tactical day optics. These devices feature 4x and 6x fixed-magnification respectively and are therefore ideal for short- to medium-range target acquisition. Both units feature an LED-lit Mil-Dot ranging reticle with multiple green and red brightness settings. These units can be used in conjunction with night vision devices and are compatible with virtually all assault rifles.

The MNC 4×32 and MNC 6×50 are highly precise, ruggedized sights and have been battle tested in a wide variety of environmental conditions. These are the right choice for military and police professionals requiring a fixed-magnification weapon sight for CQB and medium-range assault rifle target engagements. The optional backup red dot sight (NC BURD) enables rapid target acquisition even at close range.

Laser Aim and Illuminators

The MLAM series of weapon mounted laser aimers and illuminators are in service with military and police organizations worldwide. These military-grade devices utilize powerful visible and infrared lasers to provide accurate aiming and bright night vision illumination from any weapon system or optical platform.

The MLAM 3G is a three-channel laser featuring a green visible laser aimer, an IR laser aimer and an IR illuminator. It has solid audible/tactile step adjustment mechanisms that are easy to use and hold their positions after thousands of discharges. With a low power training mode and a high power in-field mode, this device can be safely utilized among friendly forces and quickly powered up for real-world target engagements. The MLAM 10D is a single channel IR laser aimer designed to reach out to 1,000m. For night

operations, this simple, extremely lightweight device is the right choice for professional operators demanding unrivalled performance and reliability.

Tactical Mounted Flashlights

Tactical mounted flashlights MNCFL Series is comprised of compact, mountable illumination/aiming systems that can be utilized on a wide variety of weapons including handguns and assault rifles. Each model in this series has a distinctly unique feature set, ensuring there is an MNCFL unit perfectly suited to every application. The MNCFL10 is the only compact illuminator/aimer to feature a built-in digital camera that allows continuous video recording of armed encounters. This model also has a visible light illuminator and visible laser aimer.

The MNCFL 9GI & MNCFL 9RI both have ultra-bright visible light illuminators, infrared aiming lasers for use with night vision devices, and visible laser aimers (green in the GI variant and red in the RI variant). 

Long Range Infrared Aimer and Illuminator device

The MIRIL 1000M (1000 meter) long-range infrared aimer and illuminator features a high powered visible laser aiming channel. Designed to reach extreme distances to aid in target identification and engagement from ground and air-based platforms. Equipped with a Picatinny quick release mount, the MIRIL series of illuminators can be mounted on virtually any rifle platform, or crew-served weapon system. The MIRIL 1000M has 5 in-built laser patterns to select from to aid in laser identification. The MIRIL 1000M has an adjustable beam divergence between 1 and 20 mrad, allowing for immediate transition between wide-area spot scene illuminator and accurate IR laser aimer. It’s extremely long maximum range provides significant optical advantage to professional night operators in all environmental conditions.

Tactical Day Binoculars

Tactical day time binoculars incorporate Porro prisms and multi-coated lenses, delivering impressive light transmission and resolution for brilliantly clear vision. Non-slip UV-resistant rubber armouring makes these binoculars comfortable to operate even in cold weather. They are waterproof and shockproof, feature a military reticle and compass (AN 7×50 MC only) and adhere to the latest military standards while remaining light and compact. A variety of magnifications and sizes available.

Maritime Optics

The BIG EYE 28x100ED is designed to meet the most demanding specifications and is capable of withstanding maritime weather. It is useful as a marine binocular, a border-guarding instrument, or for other applications where long-range viewing is required. The BIG EYE 28x100ED has massive objective lenses, BAK-6 prisms, and precision ground, multi-coated optics. Optical quality is extraordinary with true edge-to-edge image clarity. Oversized, individually-focusing ocular lenses are set at an angle for comfortable viewing, and have foldable eyecups. The mounted device swivels a full 360° horizontally and 135° vertically. The instrument is nitrogen-filled to prevent fogging. The BIG EYE 28x100ED is supplied with a hard case equipped with a lock. It can also be coupled with one or two night vision monoculars for night operation.


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