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Combat Military Uniforms

Combat uniforms include cargo pants with 6 or 8 pockets. The combat uniforms are either BDU (Battle Dress Uniform) or ACU (Army Combat Uniform) and M65 jackets in any plain colour or camouflage pattern. Materials used include Rip Stop, Poly-cotton and Drill cotton 200-225gsm durable, lightweight and breathable. Manufactured to Mil-Spec and NATO standards. These uniforms are normally worn by troops and soldiers as standard issue.

Tactical uniforms, under armour shirts with moisture management torso and Rip Stop arms. Cargo pants with multi-pockets in plain and camouflage options, the pants have inserts to fit knee pads providing higher protection to the wearer. These uniforms are more technically advanced and are worn by special-forces and rapid response soldiers and police.

VIP protection uniform tactical shirts and 6 pocket cargo pants in plain colours typically used by body guards and special operators in conflict zones and urban environments and cities, the design of the tactical uniforms helps the wearer to blend into the general public. The shirts and pants can be supplied with extra pockets for the concealment of small equipment including communication devices and small weapons.

Combat Boots

Combat boots are supplied to a customer specification. Each military, police and End User have different requirements for combat boots depending on the operational circumstances. Options for combat boots include leather and synthetic uppers, with or without side zippers, tan, black or brown with rubber non-slip tactical soles. Gore Tex waterproof with OrthoLite sock liner offer breathability and anti-fungal properties. Ankle support, trail stability with speed lace upper.

Coveralls Pilot, Tactical and Tank

Pilot, tank crew and rapid response coveralls made from Du Pont Nomex® 92% Meta Aramid, 5% Para Aramid, 3% Conductive Fibres and Cotton blends. Fire resistant properties. Manufactured to military specifications FNS/PD 96-17 (MIL-C-83141A)

Coveralls have two way zippers, six primary pockets, knife pocket, pencil pocket identifying and name patches on arms/shoulders. Fire resistant. Used primarily by military aircrew, pilot, medic flight personnel, fire and rescue and airfield rescue personnel.

Rainwear and Military Ponchos

All rainwear is manufactured from waterproof windproof materials either Nylon or Gortex with sealed seams. Plain colours or camouflage with or without head protection. Rain wear can be supplied in one piece rain jackets ankle length or waist length. The two piece rain suits are supplied with a jacket and pants with carry bag. Waterproof and windproof Ponchos are supplied that have dual use as shelter systems.

Tactical Belts, Uniform Belts, Stable Belts

Tactical belts used with BDU, ACU or Tactical uniforms are manufactured from nylon, cotton or blended materials. Tactical belts have different buckle systems for ease of use. Tactical belts are designed to bear weight for holsters, magazine pouches and radios. Typically worn by an active soldier or special operator.

Uniform belts and Stable belts are used in parades and in military barracks. Buckles, colours and designs are based on the rank and level of the soldier. All belts supplied to end user specifications. Materials used either Nylon or Cotton/nylon blends.


Headwear include Berets, Tactical caps, BDU and ACU caps, Ceremonial Caps, Boonie hats, Dress Caps, Balaclavas and Beanies. Manufactured from Rip Stop material, Cotton, Fire retardant fabric. Headwear used to protect from sun, sand, wind and identification.


Eyewear is used to protect the soldier’s eyes from glare, sun and dust. The eyewear is supplied in a typical sunglass form or goggle form. Each set of eye wear can be supplied with different lenses that offer UV, Dust and Ballistic protection. Clear polycarbonate lenses, extra lenses supplied for different light conditions. All eyewear meet ANSI Z87.1-1989 standards and MIL-STD-662E V50.

Goggles are anti-fog inner lens, scratch-resistant outer lens. Filtered vents for breathability. Black/tan frame with foam padding for comfort and stability. Goggles fits over most prescription glasses. Includes black, polyester pouch.


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