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Bullet Proof Vests

Covert and over uniform bullet proof vests. Bullet proof vests are designed for specific purposes used in military, navy, police, VIP protection, civilian and private security. The bullet proof vest may have to be concealed and are lighter weight worn under garments compared to military or police use were the bullet vest is worn over garments.

There are different levels of protection for bullet proof vests that comply with NIJ 0101.06 standards offering protection against different calibre ammunition. Bullet proof vests are manufactured using an outer material of Cordura with bullet proof material made from Aramid-UD or PE or Kevlar. All levels of protection – LEVEL II, III, IIIA, IV, IVA ICW. Any plain colour or camouflage is supplied.

Insignia/flags/name tags supplied if required that are thermal, infra-red and night vision identifiable to discern friendly or enemy combatants in the dark.

Bullet proof vests supplied with or without Tactical Molle webbing. Outer material 500D or 1000D Cordura.

Bullet proof stand-alone strike plates made Alumina, Silicon Carbide, Steel or Ceramic increasing protection levels of bullet proof vests. These strike plates increase the protection level of a bullet proof vest from level I to level III and IV by inserting a strike plate in the front and back of the bullet proof vest. After inserting the strike plates the protection level increases to 7,62×63  and 30.06AP calibres.

Bullet Proof Helmets

There are different styles of helmets including FAST, MICH Tactical and PASGT. Bullet proof helmets comply to NIJ 0106.01 levels I, II, IIIA. Manufactured from Kevlar and Aramid Mil-Spec material. The helmets are supplied in plain or camouflage colours. The bullet proof helmets can be supplied with rail systems for night vision goggle mounts and for communication systems. Separate helmet covers can be supplied with Velcro flags, insignia or name tags for quick identification

Bullet Proof Shields

Bullet proof shields are manufactured to NIJ 0106.01 standards. These shields offer different levels of protection I, II, IIIA, III, IV. Bullet proof shields are typically used by military and police when breaching a building or dangerous area where gun fire could be expected. The bullet proof shields offer a first line of protection and defence to first responders.

Assault Vests

Assault vests are designed to be worn over a garment that have different storage pouches. These pouches include magazine holders, holster for pistol, radio pouch, GPS pouch and medic pouch. The tactical vests can be offered as a bullet proof protection or stand-alone system. The Molle System allows for the wearer to add or remove extra or unwanted pouches. These tactical vests are very popular with anti-poaching patrols.

Riot Suits

Riot suits protect the wearer from impact, stab and heat related attacks or projectiles. The riot suits are manufactured in accordance with NIJ 1 0115 anti stab properties. The shock absorbing EVA foam on the chest and back protective panels provide impact resistance to the riot suit and wearer. The riot suit comprises of chest, back, arm, leg, groin and foot protection.

Riot suits are supplied with or without fire retardant properties. All riot suits are modular and easily packed into tactical back packs for ease of transport.

Riot Helmets

Riot helmets are designed to protect the wearer from impact, stab and heat attacks. The riot helmets are manufactured according to NIJ 0104.02 standards. Riot helmets are supplied in most standard colours but the most common is black, either matt or glossy finish. The helmet is manufactured from ABS (Acrylonitrile-butadiene-stryene copolymer). The face visor of the riot helmet is anti-fog polycarbonate, anti-impact, anti-scratch and can be supplied with or without visor mesh.

Riot Shields

Riot shields are manufactured from high strength poly-carbonate (PC) or aluminium alloy material. There are different shapes that serve different uses in a riot control situation providing protection against attack. The EVA buffer layer on the back of most riot shields protect the hand. The handle and shoulder strap allow for ease of carry and use. The shapes include rectangular, round, V-shaped. Shock shields are used for effective for crowd control. All riot shields can be supplied with the customer’s logo.

Gas Masks

Gas masks are essential items for riot control. Gas masks protect the wearer from gas and smoke. Gas protection includes Cyanogen chloride, arsenic hydride, phosgene, SARIN, diphosgene, brome thane, hydrocyanic, hydrogen phosphate and other poisonous smoke and fog.

Gas masks comprise of one or two filter systems. Full face visors providing clearer vision.


Batons are supplied in extendable, straight fixed, and stun versions. Manufactured from Manganese steel/chrome, Nylon, Titanium Alloy, Poly-carbonate and PU the batons are durable, light weight and strong. Batons are offered in different sizes.


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